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Manchester Hi-Fi show exceeds expectations

nsvaManchester Hi-Fi show exceeds expectations.

The Astin Trew room at the Northern Sound & Vision Show this year was making some of the best sounds at the show, so many of our visiters told us. The modestly priced AT range CD player and pre-amp. / power amp. combination were really on song, through the very able Jamo R 909 dipole loudspeakers.
Northern Sound & Vision Show 2006 nsvb

The £9,400 Jamos, costing six times more than the Astin Trew combination, ably showed off the remarkably transparent and musical abilities of the AT range electronics.

We have expanded our Retailer outlets due to this show, and will be contacting those of you who enquired as to availability and Retailer support as soon as the products become available.

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