Building on the AT3000 player’s strengths, the AT3500 includes a very high performance clock with dedicated power supply, Class ‘A’ biased DAC filters, upgraded power supplies and many component upgrades, including Auricap capacitors. These features take this player to a very high performance level – at a sensible price.

Adobe-ReaderTechnical specifications






Hi-Fi World, November 2007

‘If ever there was any doubt about this ‘Johnny Come Lately’ to the CD player market, it was assuaged after two bars of ‘Riders’ by The Doors. The Astin Trew threw out a massive soundstage, better than all others including the superb Cambridge, and (in the case of the latter) instead of hanging everything around the plane of the speakers, it was cavernous front to back, as well as left to right. The smiles didn’t end there either, as the AT3500 duly went through each other player’s strengths, delivering them a nonchalant cuffing. In some cases, it didn’t so much beat them, as whip them without breaking into a sweat.’
Awarded five Globes by Hi-Fi World magazine.

‘And the winner is… the Astin Trew AT3500. This surprised me frankly – although we all liked its cheaper AT3000 brother here at Hi-Fi World, it’s one thing doing a good £600 machine and another mixing it with this lot. In the AT3500, we have – basically – the best of all worlds. It has the width and sweetness of the Cambridge Audio, the depth of the Cyrus, the rhythmic drive of the Quad, and the wide shouldered bombast of the Marantz. The result is an extremely listenable bit of kit that has virtually no weak points and plenty of strengths. Whatever music you play on it is big hearted yet subtle and sweet too.’

Hi-Fi World

hi-fi+, November 2007
Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes

‘By now, it should be clear that I rate the AT3500 very highly indeed. Its combination of warmth and solidity with incisive detail and transparency offers tremendous musical insight, allowing it to stand aside from the performance, so that you concentrate on the players not the player. The only question remaining is whether those of you with an AT3000 should consider having your player upgraded to the AT3500 spec for the £650 this costs. I’d say it’s definitely worth doing, though (as always) try and get an A/B comparison before committing yourself. That way you’ll be absolutely sure of just how big the difference is. The AT3000 is an excellent player, but the AT3500 is at another level altogether.’


fairaudio, December 2007

‘Da gerade das Stichwort “Leben” fiel: Lebendigkeit, Spielfreude und zupackendes Temperament sind als Eigenschaften ohne Zweifel zu nennen, will man die klanglichen Grundwerte, auf denen das Konzept des Astin Trew AT3500 fußt, kurz und knapp zusammenfassen. Dabei ist der Engländer zusätzlich auch noch ein guter “Auflöser”. Es gibt sicherlich viele Hörer, die diese Kombination spannend finden. Wenn beim Probehören, je nach persönlichem Gusto, auch noch die etwas “eigen” geratene Bühnendarstellung ihren Segen findet – dann wird man mit dem Astin Trew AT3500 sicherlich auch zu Hause seine nachhaltige Freude haben …’


Hi-Fi News, February 2008
Reviewed by Andrew Harrison
Hi-Fi News HIGHLY COMMENDED award’ A highly accomplished CD player regardless of budget, and all the more impressive given its £1,150 price, able to play music across any genre without fear or favour. It has a natural flow and great grasp of dynamics, well-timed bass without unnecessary added weight and classy, sweet treble that can beguile. A very easy player to recommend for its silky seductive sound quality.’


Hi-Fi News

AUDIO, March 2008
Reviewed by Andreas Günther

‘Drei Player im gemeinsamen Auftrag: der CD das Maximum entreißen. Jeder kann es, ohne Einschränkung. Doch der Astin Trew legt noch eine Qualitätsstufe drauf. Er hasst die Einzelmomente und gibt das Ganze – die großen dynamischen Bögen, den Sinn, die Emotion. Technische Tricks und Gehilfen hat er gar nicht nötig.’

AUDIO TEST SIEGER’Dynamisch, farbstark – ein perfekter Player mit Gespür für musikalische Zusammenhänge.’
Awarded five Ears by AUDIO magazine



TNT-Audio, March 2008
Reviewed by Maarten van Casteren

‘The AT3500 is so smooth, articulate, warm and shamelessly musical that it is impossible not to become enthusiastic about it. The fact that none of these wonderful attributes come at a price makes it about as perfect as one could expect, given the asking price.’

‘This player represents brilliant value. Build quality is excellent and the sound is the best I’ve experienced at this price level. The fact that this has been achieved by a one man company is difficult to believe. This product shows that there’s still plenty of life in the British audio industry and also that two channel audio is not dead yet. If you are looking for a CD player up to about £1500 then this is a product you simply have to hear. I for one would be surprised if you didn’t end up buying it. I bought it, and that is the highest recommendation I can give.’