The AT5000 power amplifier has been designed to offer true audiophile sound at a competitive price point. The design is single-ended, using a valve, Schottky diodes and multiple power capacitors offering a large 44 joule capacity per channel. The fully dual mono construction, including 2 x 300VA transformers, gives speed, dynamics and the lowest crosstalk. Short signal paths offer low signal degradation and the outcome is a truly engaging audiophile sound with qualities one would expect to find only in higher priced amplifiers. 50W into 8ohms and 100W into 4ohms output power will be loud enough for most users and bi-amping with two AT5000�s is a cost effective upgrade.

hi-fi+, February 2007
Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes
AT1000 & AT5000

‘With the Astin Trew, first impressions were of a sharper more immediate presentation [than an all valve amplifier], with a brighter tonal balance and crisper attack. It sounded clean, lucid and detailed… The sound had energy and impact, yet still sounded smooth and integrated, I liked it… the sound was clean, open and impresively sharp and detailed… it always kept things under control… the bass sounded deep and clean, with plenty of power and drive… the combination is actually very neutral and truthful sounding… it’s certainly an amplifier I’d be happy to live with.’


Audio Tech, April 2007
AT1000 & AT5000

‘In conclusion, to reproduce the true dynamic elements of instruments and the intense passion of vocals, Astin Trew has faithfully created this AT series of products. Embodying British design quality, [the AT1000 / AT5000] is offered in a package that satisfies the connoisseur, but will not deter the budget-conscious. …offering a broad spatial depth and above-benchmark reproduction performance. The design philosophy is to render music reproduction with finesse and a realistic live stage ambience, and there is no skimping!’

‘When you listen to the AT1000 / AT5000 combination carefully and consider the sensible and reasonable prices for them, you can appreciate at first hand the true quintessence behind the design. When used as stand-alone units with other products, made by high-end manufacturers, they each maintain a superior reproduction performance, and can be widely acclaimed for this.’

Audio Tech

AUDIO, August 2007
Reviewed by Lothar Brandt
AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000

‘Astin Trew – das mag für deutsche Zungen schwer auszusprechen sein. Die player- & Vor/End-Kombi der Brit-Chinesen geht dafür umso leichter ins Ohr.’