Astin Trew has built an enviable reputation for excellence in sound and value-for-money audio products, it continues this tradition with the ‘AT2’ product range, launched 2017 with the AT2-2100 integrated amplifier and now an established range of products.

The AT2 range are all designed using solid state electronics, making use of class A designs and innovative electronics solutions to continue the Astin Trew tradition and philosophy of being ‘true to the source’; offering musicality that both respects and portrays
the musician’s full intentions with no listener fatigue – in other words, audio finesse at real world prices.

Products offer both single ended RCA and balanced XLR connections, use a very high-quality ladder resistor volume controller, selected for its neutral impact on the signal, and
use of audio quality components throughout.

Three fascia colourways are offered, silver, black and red.