The AT2000plus builds on the strengths of the AT2000. The plus version includes super pure single crystal copper internal cabling and upgraded (Auricap) capacitors in critical positions. This upgrade offers better focus, greater transparency, tighter bass and lower noise floor without losing the AT2000’s natural tonality and graceful musicality. The AT2000plus is supplied with a manufacturers certificate showing it to be an authorised Astin Trew upgrade. The small additional cost makes it a winning value-for-money upgrade.


Hi-Fi World, September 2009
Reviewed by Paul Rigby
AT3500plus & AT2000plus

‘…I swapped the AT3500plus with Naim’s CD5 to see how the balance might alter. It did, but not for the better – the CD5 added brute strength to the bass, but no finesse… You could almost imagine the AT3500plus running behind it with a large sack, collecting the broken detail pieces to use later… then the AT3500plus amplifier was replaced with the Naim NAC 112/NAP 150 pre/power duo. The broad frequency spectrum suddenly took a nose dive into a bucket of treacle… It was with a sense of relief when I switched the Astin amp back into its rightful place…’

Hi-Fi World

TNT-Audio, October 2009
Reviewed by Maarten van Casteren

‘I love Astin Trew. I reviewed the At3500 CD player last year and liked it so much that I bought it. It has been my reference CD player since, and has already beaten quite a bit of competition, without too much effort… Astin Trew make more things than CD players though, so I was quite eager to find out about their amplifiers. Michael Osborn, ‘Mister Astin Trew’, kindly offered the At2000plus for review and I was more than happy to accept…’

‘…This is a wonderful amp, very versatile and easy to use with many practical features. The sound is smooth and refined, if a little bit soft. It has a very musical personality, with natural sound and great transparency. For the money this is a fantastic amp, very much in the tradition of the venerable At3500 CD player. Very highly recommended.’



Hi-Fi World, December 2009
Written by David Price.
AT2000plus, AT3500plus & AT2000

hi-fi_world_dec_09_astin_trew‘The Astin Trew room was a particularly fine sounding one, showing Michael Osborn’s obvious system set up prowess.’

‘On dem was the latest AT2000plus integrated amplifier and AT3500plus CD player, while an AT2000 was given away in prize draw.’

‘Here, Michael (left) holds the hat while show promoter Justin Bird pulls out the name of the lucky winner (David Armitage from Northampton).’

Hi-Fi World