The AT2-8200 utilises a more sophisticated power supply, offering more detail, better dynamics and lower noise floor than its AT2-8100 ‘brother’, both use the same high-quality audio circuit design.

The AT2-8200 is a fully optimisable phono stage. Designed for use with high and low output moving magnet (MM), moving coil (MC) and moving iron (MI) cartridge types, to suit virtually all cartridges on the market. It also has a Mono switch function for use with Mono records, switchable from the front fascia.

The AT2-8200 offers impedance and capacitance options, as well as input voltage selection. Designed with minimum signal loss and maximum signal continuity, the selectors are mounted directly onto the PCB and changed easily through access points in the base.

The very high-quality power supply is contained within the casework, no separate outboard P/S boxes or plug mounted transformers. The signal amplification circuits are shielded internally, from the transformer and RF interference. An illuminated power switch is situated on the front fascia.

The AT2-8200 has RCA input sockets and RCA plus XLR balanced output sockets.