Balanced cables for audiophile multi-room use.
We manufacture the highest quality balanced cables and I.R. data cable for connecting AT2000 integrated amplifiers together, for ultimate multi-room audio reproduction. These XLR and CAT5 (pro-audio quality) terminated cables are available in lengths up to 100 Mtrs. Please contact us or your local Astin Trew dealer for further information, when purchasing your AT2000 integrated amplifier, if you want high quality audio in a two (or more) rooms.

Our views on Interconnects and loudspeaker cables.
We have tried numerous interconnect cables with the Astin Trew products over the years. In our opinion, it is essential to use high quality interconnects and loudspeaker cables to ensure the highest fidelity from your system, and the best sound from our CD players and though our amplifiers.

As a general principle, you should listen to cables in your system before you buy them. Cables seem to take as long to ‘break in’ as any other audio electrical component, so you should use them for a week before deciding on their efficacy in your system. Your local Astin Trew dealer will be able to help you with your cable selection or upgrades.

We do not recommend any particular brand of cable, because they all sound different (yes they really do). As a guide, we suggest you consider the higher quality cable ranges from brands such as Atlas, Ecosse, Chord and Vovox.

Our views on power cables.
Upgrading your power cable can improve the fidelity of your audio system. Perhaps less so than audio cables – but significant enough to recommend. Again, there are numerous power cables on the market, and they all seem to offer slightly different benefits to the sound. As a guide, power cables from Chord and Vovox have proved to be effective upgrades in our evaluation system.