What HiFi

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, January 2007
AT1000 & AT5000

‘Astin Trew – odd name, great amps’

Smarter than the average valve as well built and finished as anything the big brands have to offer…’

‘The AT1000 preamp is a slick, remote-controlled unit, with none of the excess noise or flaky behaviour found on some other valve powered units.’

Always an entertaining listen …Partnered properly, this pairing turns in a full bodied, dynamic performance… an entertaining listen almost regardless of recording quality… Astin Trew has managed this balance perfectly – there’s enough sparkle to keep things interesting… enough authority to do justice to large scale music without sacrificing intimacy. A talented and intriguing debut.’

VERDICT : A strong debut for Astin Trew: match [loudspeakers] carefully and you’ll be impressed.’