TNT-Audio, March 2008
Reviewed by Maarten van Casteren

‘The AT3500 is so smooth, articulate, warm and shamelessly musical that it is impossible not to become enthusiastic about it. The fact that none of these wonderful attributes come at a price makes it about as perfect as one could expect, given the asking price.’

‘This player represents brilliant value. Build quality is excellent and the sound is the best I’ve experienced at this price level. The fact that this has been achieved by a one man company is difficult to believe. This product shows that there’s still plenty of life in the British audio industry and also that two channel audio is not dead yet. If you are looking for a CD player up to about £1500 then this is a product you simply have to hear. I for one would be surprised if you didn’t end up buying it. I bought it, and that is the highest recommendation I can give.’