Audio Tech

Audio Tech, April 2007
AT1000 & AT5000

‘In conclusion, to reproduce the true dynamic elements of instruments and the intense passion of vocals, Astin Trew has faithfully created this AT series of products. Embodying British design quality, [the AT1000 / AT5000] is offered in a package that satisfies the connoisseur, but will not deter the budget-conscious. …offering a broad spatial depth and above-benchmark reproduction performance. The design philosophy is to render music reproduction with finesse and a realistic live stage ambience, and there is no skimping!’

‘When you listen to the AT1000 / AT5000 combination carefully and consider the sensible and reasonable prices for them, you can appreciate at first hand the true quintessence behind the design. When used as stand-alone units with other products, made by high-end manufacturers, they each maintain a superior reproduction performance, and can be widely acclaimed for this.’