The AT3000 CD player offers high quality sound from well designed electronics within elegantly designed aluminium casework. The switchable upsampling electronics, coupled to a linear design valve buffer amplifier, allows the music to flow. The dynamics, instrument separation, stereo presentation and ‘analogue’ type sound allow you to get closer to the true emotion of the music – rock, blues, jazz or classical.

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hi-fi+, May 2007
Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes

‘The AT3000 sounds impressively sharp and focused – it’s crisp and open; smooth and clean. It’s quite sweet, but does not produce the classic euphonic tube warmth. It’s a very lucid and detailed CD player – focused and crisp – not especially warm or rich in terms of tonal balance… even on bright recordings the treble is sharp and tactile, yet smooth and clean, with good definition and impressive dynamics.’

‘Essentially, it is a very honest, even-handed sonic presentation.’

‘The player’s bright airy treble and crisp lucid transient attack is matched by a clear strong bottom end. The bass is very clean and firm – impressively powerful and deep when the music demands muscle and weight.’

‘It combines excellent fine detail with impressive dynamics and realistic tonal qualities, sounding smooth and natural yet producing plenty of bite and attack when this is called for. The 24/96 option gives you the choice of two sonic presentations, one which should produce near ideal results depending on the music and recording, making this a superb player for the price.’


Audio Tech, May 2007

‘So why would you want to choose the AT3000? …it offers value for money, it is unabashedly a statement of quality and form; and design is also a major consideration. Would a sensible user worry much about whether this player compares more exceptionally than other products in the same price range… This writer’s answer is simple, the AT3000 offers high a standard of performance, there is no need to spend a lot more money, as one is able to enjoy the feel of live stage recitals from the luxury end of the market [with the AT3000], putting you into a life-like ambience with a rich complement of musical and instrumental sounds that can bring true pleasure.’

Audio Tech

hifi & records, August 2007
Reviewed by Stefan Gawlick

‘Der derzeit wohl heißeste CD-Player-Tipp in der Klasse bis 1,000 Euro: Astintrew AT 3000’

hifi & records

AUDIO, August 2007
Reviewed by Lothar Brandt
AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000

‘Astin Trew – das mag für deutsche Zungen schwer auszusprechen sein. Die player- & Vor/End-Kombi der Brit-Chinesen geht dafür umso leichter ins Ohr.’