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Astin Trew AT2-2100 integrated amplifier review
at www.hifi-advice.com by in Christiaan Hunter, 11th March 2020.

Tonally, the amp is neutral and acoustically convincing. It has an unrestrained and exciting sound …. The pacing is spot-on with a distinct toe-tapping quality. It is an engaging sound that does not draw attention to the amp itself by being too smooth or slow or by being edgy or bright and it is certainly not clinically clean.

… the Astin Trew sounds positive, open and lively and with a well-proportioned, very well-articulated bass….the Astin Trew has another card up its sleeve which is its super-engaging and toe-tapping rhythmic ability.

Conclusion: Neutral and even-handed and only trailing behind the very best (and much more expensive) amps in terms of nuance and refinement, the Astin Trew has an engagingly upbeat, dynamic and expressive delivery with more than enough power and control to drive even very demanding speakers.

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