Puresound, May 2010 AT8000 Reviewed by Onno Kiviet. “Deze Astin Trew AT-8000 is mooi ontworpen en volledig dual mono opgebouwd en voorzien van goede en kwaliteits onderdelen. Hij heeft zeer uitgebreide instelmogelijkheden v.w.b. impedantie en gain. De phonotrap kan zowel … Read More

Hi-Fi World

Hi-Fi World, June 2010 AT8000 Reviewed by David Price. “If you’ve heard Astin Trew’s AT3500 CD player, with its rich but crisp, expansive and envelopingly musical sound, you’ll recognise the new AT8000 phono stage immediately. From a company with no … Read More

User review

User review, January 2011 Review sent in by Steve Paines. AT8000 “The standard of finish is very high and much better than some of the others I tried.” “How does it sound? In one word, ‘musical’… Pace and rhythm are … Read More