Hi-Fi World

Hi-Fi World, November 2007 AT3500 ‘If ever there was any doubt about this ‘Johnny Come Lately’ to the CD player market, it was assuaged after two bars of ‘Riders’ by The Doors. The Astin Trew threw out a massive soundstage, … Read More


hi-fi+, November 2007 Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes AT3500 ‘By now, it should be clear that I rate the AT3500 very highly indeed. Its combination of warmth and solidity with incisive detail and transparency offers tremendous musical insight, allowing it to … Read More


fairaudio, December 2007 AT3500 ‘Da gerade das Stichwort “Leben” fiel: Lebendigkeit, Spielfreude und zupackendes Temperament sind als Eigenschaften ohne Zweifel zu nennen, will man die klanglichen Grundwerte, auf denen das Konzept des Astin Trew AT3500 fußt, kurz und knapp zusammenfassen. … Read More

Hi-Fi News

Hi-Fi News, February 2008 Reviewed by Andrew Harrison AT3500 Hi-Fi News HIGHLY COMMENDED award’ A highly accomplished CD player regardless of budget, and all the more impressive given its £1,150 price, able to play music across any genre without fear … Read More


AUDIO, March 2008 Reviewed by Andreas Günther AT3500 ‘Drei Player im gemeinsamen Auftrag: der CD das Maximum entreißen. Jeder kann es, ohne Einschränkung. Doch der Astin Trew legt noch eine Qualitätsstufe drauf. Er hasst die Einzelmomente und gibt das Ganze … Read More


TNT-Audio, March 2008 Reviewed by Maarten van Casteren AT3500 ‘The AT3500 is so smooth, articulate, warm and shamelessly musical that it is impossible not to become enthusiastic about it. The fact that none of these wonderful attributes come at a … Read More


hifi.nl, June 2008 Reviewed by René van Es AT3500 ‘Ik houd van muziek. Ik houd van jazz, van pop, van klassiek, een beetje van opera. Ik houd ervan om meegevoerd te worden door de artiesten. In instrumentale delen, in zang, … Read More

Hi-Fi News

Hi-Fi News, Winter 2008 AT3500 Hi-Fi News Yearbook 2008 Our AT3500 CD player has been awarded ‘ultimate hi-fi’ status by Hi-Fi News in their 2008 Yearbook, available now. VERDICT ‘To hear this level of resolution and sure-footed musicality is just … Read More

Alta Fidelidad

Alta Fidelidad, July 2009 Reviewed by Miquel Riera AT3500 ‘La fuente de lectura digital que examinamos a continuación es una demostración de cómo aunar con acierto tecnología fiable y una concepción de corte clásico en un producto musical y asequible.’ … Read More

Music Emotion

Music Emotion, March 2010 Reviewed by Jo Mullers AT2000 and AT3500 “This CD player is simply too cheap, a bargain that you should definitely audition, if in the market for a CD player. Some well-known and much more expensive players … Read More