hi-fi+, May 2007 Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes AT3000 ‘The AT3000 sounds impressively sharp and focused – it’s crisp and open; smooth and clean. It’s quite sweet, but does not produce the classic euphonic tube warmth. It’s a very lucid and … Read More

Audio Tech

Audio Tech, May 2007 AT3000 ‘So why would you want to choose the AT3000? …it offers value for money, it is unabashedly a statement of quality and form; and design is also a major consideration. Would a sensible user worry … Read More

hifi & records

hifi & records, August 2007 Reviewed by Stefan Gawlick AT3000 ‘Der derzeit wohl heißeste CD-Player-Tipp in der Klasse bis 1,000 Euro: Astintrew AT 3000’


AUDIO, August 2007 Reviewed by Lothar Brandt AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000 ‘Astin Trew – das mag für deutsche Zungen schwer auszusprechen sein. Die player- & Vor/End-Kombi der Brit-Chinesen geht dafür umso leichter ins Ohr.’

hifi & records

hifi & records, April 2008 AT3000 hifi & records Editor’s Choice 2008 award for Astin Trew’s AT3000 CD player We are pleased to announce that our AT3000 CD player has been awarded hifi & records’ Editor’s Choice 2008 by editor … Read More


hifi.nl, November 2008 Reviewed by Marnix Bosman AT1000, AT5000 & AT3000 ‘…these are top class quality products; the sound is very good indeed. When you listen to these products, there can only be one conclusion: Astin Trew is a great … Read More

Area DVD

AREA DVD, April 2008 AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000 Reviewed by Lars Mette. ‘Sie sehen: zaubern kann auch Michael Osborn nicht, auch Astin Trew kocht nur mit Wasser. Andererseits gehört er auch nicht zu den Anbietern, die gewöhnliche Hausmannskost als Gourmetware … Read More

Hi-Fi World

Hi-Fi World, October 2006 AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000 “…the music was communicative and convincing …serving up a wide and deep spatiality …superb instrumental separation.” The amplifier “…proved a most beguiling and musical performer…” The CD player has “…surprisingly high resolution … Read More