Hi-Fi World

Hi-Fi World, September 2009 Reviewed by Paul Rigby AT3500plus & AT2000plus ‘…I swapped the AT3500plus with Naim’s CD5 to see how the balance might alter. It did, but not for the better – the CD5 added brute strength to the … Read More


TNT-Audio, October 2009 Reviewed by Maarten van Casteren AT2000plus ‘I love Astin Trew. I reviewed the At3500 CD player last year and liked it so much that I bought it. It has been my reference CD player since, and has … Read More

Hi-Fi World

Hi-Fi World, December 2009 Written by David Price. AT2000plus, AT3500plus & AT2000 ‘The Astin Trew room was a particularly fine sounding one, showing Michael Osborn’s obvious system set up prowess.’ ‘On dem was the latest AT2000plus integrated amplifier and AT3500plus … Read More

Hi-Fi Choice

Hi-Fi Choice, May 2010 AT2000plus Integrated Amplifiers Ultimate Group Test, £1,450-£1,860 “…this amp offers some impressive material value for money… as far as the sound is concerned the AT2000plus does a lot of good things… this amp is clearly differentiated … Read More