hi-fi+, February 2007 Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes AT1000 & AT5000 ‘With the Astin Trew, first impressions were of a sharper more immediate presentation [than an all valve amplifier], with a brighter tonal balance and crisper attack. It sounded clean, lucid … Read More

Audio Tech

Audio Tech, April 2007 AT1000 & AT5000 ‘In conclusion, to reproduce the true dynamic elements of instruments and the intense passion of vocals, Astin Trew has faithfully created this AT series of products. Embodying British design quality, [the AT1000 / … Read More


AUDIO, August 2007 Reviewed by Lothar Brandt AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000 ‘Astin Trew – das mag für deutsche Zungen schwer auszusprechen sein. Die player- & Vor/End-Kombi der Brit-Chinesen geht dafür umso leichter ins Ohr.’


hifi.nl, November 2008 Reviewed by Marnix Bosman AT1000, AT5000 & AT3000 ‘…these are top class quality products; the sound is very good indeed. When you listen to these products, there can only be one conclusion: Astin Trew is a great … Read More

Area DVD

AREA DVD, April 2008 AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000 Reviewed by Lars Mette. ‘Sie sehen: zaubern kann auch Michael Osborn nicht, auch Astin Trew kocht nur mit Wasser. Andererseits gehört er auch nicht zu den Anbietern, die gewöhnliche Hausmannskost als Gourmetware … Read More

Hi-Fi World

Hi-Fi World, October 2006 AT1000, AT3000 & AT5000 “…the music was communicative and convincing …serving up a wide and deep spatiality …superb instrumental separation.” The amplifier “…proved a most beguiling and musical performer…” The CD player has “…surprisingly high resolution … Read More

What HiFi

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, January 2007 AT1000 & AT5000 ‘Astin Trew – odd name, great amps’ ‘Smarter than the average valve as well built and finished as anything the big brands have to offer…’ ‘The AT1000 preamp is a … Read More