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The AT1000plus builds on the strengths of the AT1000. The plus version includes upgraded (Auricap) capacitors in critical positions, critical component damping and single crystal super pure copper cable upgrades in critical positions. This upgrade offers a far 'cleaner' presentation of the music, better focus, greater transparency, tighter bass and lower noise floor without losing the AT1000's natural tonality and real musicality. The AT1000plus is supplied with a manufacturer's certificate showing it to be an authorised Astin Trew upgrade. The small additional cost makes it a winning value-for-money pre-amplifier, on a par with many far higher priced pre-amplifiers. A further improvement can be made by adding the Astin Trew isolation feet, as used on the AT3500 CD player, sold in sets of four.

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AT1000 pre-amplifierAT1000 pre-amplifier & AT5000 power amplifierAT1000 pre-amplifierAT range remote