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The AT range of audio electronics represent benchmark quality for musicality of performance at their price point. The recently introduced (upgraded) plus marque now offers more musical insight and performance for a modest cost increase and has been a real sucess for both first time purchasers and those wishing to upgrade rather than invest in new higher quality components. Dont take our word for this, read the reviews.

Astin Trew AT range


AT1000 pre-amplifier
AT1000plus pre-amplifier
AT2000 integrated amplifier
AT2000plus integrated amplifier
AT5000 power amplifier
AT8000 phono amplifier

CD players


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AT1000 pre-amplifier & AT5000 power amplifierAT1000 pre-amplifierAT5000 power amplifierAT range remoteAT2000 integrated amplifierAT5000 power amplifierHi-Fi World magazineAwarded four Globes by Hi-Fi World magazineHi-Fi Choice verdictHi-Fi Choice Best Buy